Microdermabrasion (Face and Body)

Microdermabrasion treatments use a minimally abrasive instrument that removes the dead surface layers of the skin.

These treatments can allow visible imperfections - like sun damage, acne scars, hyper-pigmentation, enlarged pores, blackheads and fine lines - to fade away and facilitate new and fresh skin to surface.

Studies suggest that repeated microdermabrasion treatments at regular intervals can influence the way the lower layers of skin grow and can assist in removing these skin concerns over time.

Also, without the surface layer acting as a barrier, creams & lotions become more effective as they can easily find their way down to the lower layers of skin.


This is a great treatment for anyone who enjoys the combination of microdermabrasion and relaxation. 

30 minutes, 75 (deep cleanse, steam and one/two passes of microderm)
*Package of three, 202
*Package of six, 375
60 minutes, 95 (deep cleanse, steam, extractions, two/three passes of microderm, massage and masque)

À la carte
This is an approximately 15 minute cleanse and 1-3 passes on problematic areas.

Décolleté, 36 (Package of 3 for 93)
Arms, 32 (Package of 3 for 81)
Neck, 26 (Package of 3 for 63)
Hands, 26 (Package of 3 for 63)
Back, 62 (Pacakge of 3 for 171)

*for best results, multiple visits are recommended.
**Packages: no further discounts can be applied. Must be used within 60days.
***All services, packages or products are non-refundable.